Wednesday, August 8, 2012 @ 12:46 PM
Blog Reflection and EIR Closure

Time had passed so fast that now is the time to post an entry for a closure to this subject.

Through this subject, I was able to absorb valuable lessons on the many different knowledge and techniques that is useful for me to apply on for the later use in the future. I was able to realized on what are the different searching tools available on web in helping to make my research finding experience fast and efficient. To the exposure of Boolean operators to search engine and databases, I was able to apply these techniques for my reports on different subjects which allows me to be able to produce a report with quality. 

The recent EIR field trip that I attended has allow me to know on how technology these days can be so advanced to meet the demands of consumers thus bringing so much convenience to us. Through it, I was able to gain more knowledge of the new high technology that will be happening around us after a period of time.

The recent report II that I was required to evaluate a website on my research topic, Causes and Effects on Computer and Internet Addiction. I was able to have the chance to explore around and gain knowledge all about my report topic through the various website. This lesson gave me the chance which I can never find time to do it, is to further explore on what are the different various addictions and disorders that a human can suffer from.

I strongly feel that this subject has been really useful to me as the valuable lessons I learnt can be apply throughout my life. Thank you for existing EIR! I meant it.