Wednesday, April 25, 2012 @ 12:32 PM
Briefly tell about myself.

Hello World~ My name is Emily.


Currently I'm pursing my studies in Temasek Polytechnic, Dimploma in Interactive Media Informatics which is also known as IMI in short. Can I say blogshopping is my hobby? Ever since online shopping started, it makes alot of things easier for lazy people like me. By just one 'click' and all I left to do is to wait for my parcel to arrive~ Most of my clothes were bought online. And it seriously save me alot of walking and time, making my whole shopping trip so easy~~ Honestly I felt that I rely a lot on technology. Be it on shopping, watching tv shows/movies online, searching or gaming. That explains why I chose an IT course. 

My Favorites: 

1) Colours:

3)Television Shows:

4) Eiffel Tower:

'I really wish that one day I'll get to travel to Paris and to see the Eiffel Tower with my own eyes.'

*All photos credit to respective owners.

I don't really have a specific strength, cause everything I do is always what I feel that is within my own limit and is what I'm really interested in. I always love photography. Photography is what I can say a hobby I'm passionate about till now. Being a professional wedding/fashion magazine photographer was what I dreamt to be since I was a child. And I love how great my smart phone is able to capture and edit good quality of photos everywhere and anywhere I go. Till today, I still strongly feel that with the invention of cameras, capturing beautiful moments in life with your loved ones for memory sake was made so much easier. I just couldn't imagine life without camera. Imagining those beautiful moments in life with your loved ones without camera to capture it? So thank God for the invention of camera in our lives~. 

Here are some photographs taken by me: 

Though I'm not a professional photographer, but this Iphone app, Instagram, has help making photo sharing online with my friends and family more simpler and easier for me.

my goal for EIR? To get an A if possible. But one thing I'm sure of is not letting myself to have the chance to fail any subjects. To be able to graduate in 2015. That's my goal.