Wednesday, August 8, 2012 @ 12:46 PM
Blog Reflection and EIR Closure

Time had passed so fast that now is the time to post an entry for a closure to this subject.

Through this subject, I was able to absorb valuable lessons on the many different knowledge and techniques that is useful for me to apply on for the later use in the future. I was able to realized on what are the different searching tools available on web in helping to make my research finding experience fast and efficient. To the exposure of Boolean operators to search engine and databases, I was able to apply these techniques for my reports on different subjects which allows me to be able to produce a report with quality. 

The recent EIR field trip that I attended has allow me to know on how technology these days can be so advanced to meet the demands of consumers thus bringing so much convenience to us. Through it, I was able to gain more knowledge of the new high technology that will be happening around us after a period of time.

The recent report II that I was required to evaluate a website on my research topic, Causes and Effects on Computer and Internet Addiction. I was able to have the chance to explore around and gain knowledge all about my report topic through the various website. This lesson gave me the chance which I can never find time to do it, is to further explore on what are the different various addictions and disorders that a human can suffer from.

I strongly feel that this subject has been really useful to me as the valuable lessons I learnt can be apply throughout my life. Thank you for existing EIR! I meant it. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 @ 7:06 PM
Learn, Live, Work, Interact.

On 14 July 2012, I was given the opportunity to join my class for a field trip to the IDA guided, self-discovery iExperience tour. At first I thought the whole field trip will be a boring talk where all I have to do is to be there, listen and do a evaluation about it.

However, to my surprise, after the whole guided tour, I was able to gain more knowledge of the new high technology that will be happening around us after a period of time. Through iExperience, the well-trained speaker gave clear explanation and demonstration on the possibilities of how the Next Gen NBN work to serve better in business enterprises and consumers daily use in lives. The guided tour allows me to have a deeper understanding about Next Gen services. With their hands on demonstrations available at the exhibit, it allows me to have the chance to personally experience the facilities on the Next Gen services slowly, at my own pace.

Now I shall share on what I have learnt throughout the guided tour together with a few photos:

  • Interactive IPTV (Internet Protocol Television):
Interactive Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) takes television to the next level with on-demand entertainment and services, and live information.

IPTV works like normal TV and it provides web applications like YouTube and web browsing. With IPTV, consumers are able experience the convenience added to their lives where they could watch TV and surf the Internet by just using one screen.

IPTV also helps consumers to control electrical appliances in the house such as lights and air conditions, with just a touch on the remote control without having to stand and walk to the switch.

IPTV also provides televisitation where consumers could make phone calls through the TV using a tablet to make video visitation to friends or relatives who are in the hospital. Video visitation also allows conference call with both the patient and the doctor at the same time. Through it, relatives of the patient need not have to travel far to just receive updates of the patient’s condition.

  • CMS (Classroom Management System):
With the Next Gen Classroom services, learning are able to go beyond boundaries. Teaching and learning are brought to a new level where students are able to learn from wide range of media-rich resources, share knowledge and to work together anytime and anywhere. Teachers are also allow to track each student’s performance, evaluate them and students will receive instant feedback. Teachers and parents could communicate more effectively on the progress and performance of their child.

With CMS, teachers need not have to take attendance of each student manually. Students will only need to login to the system and their attendance will be recorded individually. Through it, it helps to minimize the time used to the minimal, making it easier for teachers.

CMS helps teachers to conduct e-learning lessons and activities for students.  Teachers are allow to control students computer screen and even manage teaching slides with the use of CMS, thus if teacher realized that certain students are not paying attention, they could lock the screen of that particular student to alert them that they are being watched. With CMS’s code browsing, teachers are allow to control the whole teaching class preventing students from mischief. White spaces are also available besides the teaching slides for students to pen down important notes.

HeuLab screen is a huge screen connected to the service of CMS, which helps in the improving of lessons to become more interactive for students. With it, group work among students became easier as they can share their information to their members easily by shifting their information to any members on the HeuLab screen using a program.

  • Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network  (Next Gen NBN):
The Next Gen NBN is a service connecting people to innovative services, the new nationwide ultra high-speed optical fibre network that brings new possibilities to the way people live, work and interact.

The Next Gen NBN will help in the strengthen the status of Singapore as an info-communications centre, opening new opportunities to economic, business and social vibrancy growth. The Next Gen NBN is expected to bring high-speed (speed of up to 1 Gbps) network to serve people in areas including homes, schools, government, buildings, businesses and hospitals. With the new ultra high-speed optical fibre network, it helps in the fast loading and smoother images of videos compared to usual normal broadband. 

Besides connecting people to innovative services, the Next Gen NBN services also provides home networking. The new home networking provides options like wireless, power line and structured cabling that enable access to the Next Gen services at every area of consumers house.

With home networking, lessons are still able to continue even if students are at home thus helping parents to not worry about issues such as their child missing lessons due to quarantine purposes for illness like SARS.

Home networking also helps people especially the elderly in submitting health records easily through the computer program “My Teleheath Portal” to their doctor using their own personal account. Through it, patients could also have video call with their doctor for consultations. Therefore helping them in saving the amount of time taken to travel and wait. 

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) and Mobile Services Initiative:
With the help of NFC, buying items such as groceries in the supermarket will eventually become an easy chore for consumers. Consumers are able to perform multiple transactions with the use of their NFC-enabled mobile phones thus saving the trouble of presenting separate loyalty and payment cards at the cashier.  Having the trouble of carrying back the heavy groceries alone is no longer an issue to consumers as the services also included in the delivery of the items to the consumers through the given address. 

I really enjoyed myself throughout the whole guided tour. The guided tour has allow me to know on how technology these days be so advanced to meet the demands of consumers thus bringing so much convenience to us. Without technology, I wonder how will the world today be like.. After knowing so many advanced technology services that are going to serve us in the future, I'm looking so forward to it!

Monday, May 21, 2012 @ 6:08 PM
Reflection on lessons learnt from Practical 6.

I was given a task to conduct an evaluation on the effectiveness of using the Invisible Web which is also known as the databases. I was to make a fair comparison between the search engine and the database to research for my research topic, Causes and Effects of Internet and Computer Addiction". After comparing, I am to state on whether which search tools serves me best by stating the reason why and to produce it clearly on my reflection. 
Conduct a search using Invisible Web (Databases):
Firstly, I have to select on two from a list of different categories of databases that are suitable for my research topic. The following categories are: 

  • Newspapers (eg Factiva, Newslink, Business Times, Straits Times)
  • Journals & Magazine Articles (eg EBSCOhost, PsycARTICLES, ScienceDirect)
  • Reports & Statistics (eg Global Issues in Context, Worth Global Style Netwrk)
  • Specialist Resources (eg Air Transport Intelligence, LawNet, Naxos Music Lib)
After selecting on the two relevant databases which I felt that is suitable for my research topic, I would have to then conduct a search using the keywords related to my research topic and briefly describe the search results. 

To make the search results on the database fair, I chose "(Causes OR root of problem) AND (effects OR results OR consequences OR outcome) AND (addiction OR obsession) AND (youth OR adolescent OR teenagers) AND Internet AND computer" as my keywords in the search query. 

Database 1. Describe the search results:
The first database that I have chosen is LexisNexis. LexisNexis is able to provide me with a few articles that are of relevance to my research topic. Although the articles provided has not much information, but I was still able to obtain sufficient information as reference for my research topic.

Database 2. Describe the search results:
The second database that I have chosen is ScienceDirect. ScienceDirect was able to provide me with articles that are of relevance to my research topic but however the information provided in each articles were quite limited. To be able to accessed into the articles fully I was to make an account first which I felt that was unnecessary. 
Searching the Invisible Web, TP's Databases:
After conducting a search and completing the brief description on the search results on the two relevant databases that I have chosen, I am required now to search results using the "eBook" database from Temasek Polytechnic's (TP's) databases. After searching results using the "eBooks" database, I am to briefly describe the search results obtained from it. 

Describe your search results using "eBooks" database:
TP's "eBooks" database does not provide me with much information that I need for my research topic. The results were narrowed down and were limited as I specify my requirements in the search query, thus I felt it difficult in searching information among the thousands over articles when using simplified keywords in the search query. 
Here is a snap shot of the options that I have to choose when I specify my keywords: 

I was only allow to choose simplified words for my search in results for my search topic which caused a large amount of time consumed in sourcing for the information that I need. 


After conducting a search and completed the evaluation on the search results I've obtained from the databases, I am now to do a comparison and analysis to state which search tools have serve me best and the reason why I have make this decision. 

Comparison and Analysis:
  1. Do you think it is more effective to search the invisible web (databases) than using search engines? Why?
    I, myself, don't think it is more effective to search using the invisible web (databases) than using search engine. In comparison with the amount of information that I was able to obtain through the databases and search engine by using the same keywords in the search query, I felt that search engine had provided me with more information of relevance to my research topic. More than I need for reference.  In comparison with the amount of time used in searching for relevant results, search engine had save me more time than to databases in terms of issues met about the keywords used in the search query.
  2. Name one database which you will use for your research topic. Why? 
    LexisNexis. LexisNexis is the only database that has provided me with relevant information that I need for my research topic. Although LexisNexis only provided me a few relevant articles when compared to articles that I had obtained from the search engine, however, LexisNexis serves me better compared to the other databases in terms of amount of time that I used to retrieve the information that I need for reference on my research topic. 

~End of my Reflection~

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 @ 12:32 PM
Briefly tell about myself.

Hello World~ My name is Emily.


Currently I'm pursing my studies in Temasek Polytechnic, Dimploma in Interactive Media Informatics which is also known as IMI in short. Can I say blogshopping is my hobby? Ever since online shopping started, it makes alot of things easier for lazy people like me. By just one 'click' and all I left to do is to wait for my parcel to arrive~ Most of my clothes were bought online. And it seriously save me alot of walking and time, making my whole shopping trip so easy~~ Honestly I felt that I rely a lot on technology. Be it on shopping, watching tv shows/movies online, searching or gaming. That explains why I chose an IT course. 

My Favorites: 

1) Colours:

3)Television Shows:

4) Eiffel Tower:

'I really wish that one day I'll get to travel to Paris and to see the Eiffel Tower with my own eyes.'

*All photos credit to respective owners.

I don't really have a specific strength, cause everything I do is always what I feel that is within my own limit and is what I'm really interested in. I always love photography. Photography is what I can say a hobby I'm passionate about till now. Being a professional wedding/fashion magazine photographer was what I dreamt to be since I was a child. And I love how great my smart phone is able to capture and edit good quality of photos everywhere and anywhere I go. Till today, I still strongly feel that with the invention of cameras, capturing beautiful moments in life with your loved ones for memory sake was made so much easier. I just couldn't imagine life without camera. Imagining those beautiful moments in life with your loved ones without camera to capture it? So thank God for the invention of camera in our lives~. 

Here are some photographs taken by me: 

Though I'm not a professional photographer, but this Iphone app, Instagram, has help making photo sharing online with my friends and family more simpler and easier for me.

my goal for EIR? To get an A if possible. But one thing I'm sure of is not letting myself to have the chance to fail any subjects. To be able to graduate in 2015. That's my goal.